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Stuff you need to know about indoor flying!

How to get there and what to do - if you're bringing several planes we recommend using a small "2-wheeler" cart. Consider that it might be windy or raining when you unload your airplanes. You may unload near the door and then park. Please pay the pilot fee when you arrive, before you unpack all your stuff.   $15 per pilot for the evening flying sessions.  At the NEF there is one pilot fee for the entire event.  

Main area - the largest flying area is the "main racetrack" which is named that way since we fly in a circle, using left-hand turns.  This area is for "regular" airplanes and flying.   We need pilots to "fly the pattern" to minimize accidents.

Other areas - we typically have separate flying areas reserved for aircraft that don't fly the normal pattern, such as "3D" airplanes, small quads, helicopters, and micro aircraft.  

What is it like? - indoor flying with a group can be crowded and somewhat difficult.  Good flying skills and excellent depth perception is important.  We recommend wearing a bill-cap. If you have never flown indoors with a group, we recommend that you learn to fly elsewhere first. Midair Collisions are possible, so you fly at your own risk - of course everyone does their best to avoid that.  Fly carefully and slowly and if you have a special plane like a 3D aerobatic plane or a small helicopter, please use the separate flying area which are specifically for that activity. (Those planes are not to be flown in the main area).  We may have a time set aside for jets. There's no limit to the number of planes in the air. At the NEF there may be some time set aside for demos and for contests.

Flying Etiquette - That means, "play nice".  Stand at the edge of the flying area to fly. Don't stand right next to other pilots.  Always fly in front of you and never fly behind the flight line or near the other pilots.  Don't fly into the other areas!  Don't walk in front of other pilots.  If you need to retrieve a plane, loudly signal the other pilots first. Remember they are watching their planes and can't see you. Get your plane and get back to the flight line quickly.  Duck!

What type of airplane should you bring?  Smaller aircraft are much better indoors, due to the limited flying area.  We suggest airplanes that are less than a pound - typically our planes weigh 10-12 ounces and use batteries less than 1000mah, and ESCs (speed controls) rated at less than 10 amps.

Larger planes - larger planes tend to be a lot faster, which can be disruptive and dangerous to smaller planes. So we ask that larger planes only be flown by very experienced pilots and the event manager may limit your flying time. In some cases you may only be able to fly a demonstration flight (where other pilots are asked to wait while you fly).  Same thing with large helicopters.

Contests- at the NEF we have some flying contests for fun.  Anyone may enter.  There's usually a prize for the winner, donated by sponsors. There is a $5 fee for the "full contact combat" event, the winner takes the entire cash pot.  Everyone else will take home broken airplanes!  The "micro carrier" event is just for very small planes like the "Vapor" and is held in the micro flying area. 

Drones - drones are generally not suitable for indoor flying venues, since they pose a hazard to other aircraft and may not be flown above pilots and spectators.  Very small drones may be flown in the helicopter area (in the corners) and we do have an area set aside for "Tiny Whoop FPV Racing"Check the QRGO website.

"FPV" - stands for "first person view" and these are models that have video systems that transmit the pilot's view to the controller. Since we have a special area just for FPV drone racing, you may not fly FPV unless you obtain a clear frequency first.

Battery Charging - at larger events you may wish to recharge your batteries - this must be done only in fireproof containers. Bring your own charger.  At the Friday-night events there's typically not enough time to charge batteries, so we suggest you simply bring extra batteries with you.

The venue is rented from the owner - we must pay a substantial fee to use the facility. We must respect the property - so we insist on SAFE flying and ALL PILOTS need to be a member of the AMA for insurance purposes. All people who have access to the NEF pilot area (pilots, helpers, spouse, friends, kids, Press - MUST have signed the AMA waiver and display a wrist band.

Raffle - sometimes we may have a raffle.  At the Friday-night event nights, the raffle is held near the end and you must be present to win.   At the NEF the raffle is held near the end on the last day.  You don't need to be present, the winner will be contacted.  If you DON'T want the prize we will auction it off for you, for cash, on the spot. The raffle's ticket sales support the event or the sponsoring club. The NEF is operated "Not For Profit" but we are not a "non profit organization".  Other clubs and vendors may also have raffles.

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