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This annual event is not possible to produce without the generous support of our sponsors and vendors. This is a business partnership and we value your support and participation. Please donate merchandise or gift certificates to the "pilot raffle" or other events, and we will publicize your contribution. We want to help promote you at the show!


The Stile Athletics Field House is an active athletic venue at the University of Akron – they are setting out tables late Friday evening March 24th. The facility is available if you would like to set up your area Friday evening, and the facility will be locked overnight. Please plan accordingly. You must use the front entrance.   If you wait until Saturday morning to set up, you may be fighting the crowds to get in.


The premises must be vacated Saturday evening (March 25th).


Vendor table spaces are limited! Please submit your registration and payment as soon as possible. Tables are 8' in length. Up to 2 Chairs are provider per booth. Bring power strips and extension cords. Please bring your own tablecloth and/or covers if desired.  Items may be left overnight Friday/Saturday.


Note:  Sellers who are not affiliated with the sponsor or vendor are expected to pay for a table space.  Sponsors do not have to register separately as a vendor.  All pilots must register (some pilot registrations are included with sponsorships).  AMA membership & completion of AMA waiver forms is required for all pilots.


SPONSORS:    A NEF Sponsorship is crucial to help make the event a success. In turn we will work closely with you and do everything that we can through our own advertising and promotions to benefit your business. Advertising is not available to vendors. 


EVENT SPONSOR (GOLD): $2000.00 (1 available)  

10 tables provided - Prime venue placement near the main flight line area

20 minute Exclusive demo time slot available with PA system use for narration/music.

Use of "Jumbotron" 256x128 for advertisement/announcements as needed

We will place up to 6 large banners and 6 smaller banners around the venue

Top-Tier web site listing with active link

Large logo placed at top of all advertising

4 "weekend pass" pilot registrations and 4 spectator admissions included ($120 value)


EVENT SPONSOR (SILVER): $1000.00 (2 available)


Choice venue placement (location adjacent to the spectator and vendor area entrance)

6 tables provided & electrical outlets guaranteed.

5 minute demo time slot available with PA system use for narration/music

Use of "Jumbotron" 256x128 for advertisement/announcements as needed

We will place up to 2 large banners & 4 smaller banners around the venue

Second-place web site listing with active link

Large logo at top of all advertising (secondary to our Gold sponsor)

3 "weekend pass" pilot registrations and 3 spectator admissions included ($90 value)


BRONZE SPONSOR: $500.00 (2 available)


Placement at entrance to vendor area

6 tables provided & electrical outlets guaranteed.

We will mention your business on the PA & you may demonstrate your products

Sponsor may provide one large banners and 2 smaller banners for placement around the venue

Third-place web site listing with active link

1 "weekend pass" pilot registration and one spectator pass included ($30 value)


VENDORS:  1 to 4 tables are available to companies or organizations to offer products for sale or for demonstration.  The vendor tables are in an area open to the public and convenient to the pilots. Space assignment will be determined by the management. 1 table includes 8'x6' space.  2 and 3 tables include 8' x 16' space.  Vendors may bring banners or signs but they must fit within their assigned table area.  We will list your business logo on the event website on the vendor page.  Please attach your business card to any merchandise donated to the pilots raffle and we will mention your name as each prize is awarded.  (If you donate several small prizes, your business will be mentioned several times)


A pilot registration is included for each vendor at no extra charge.


One table - $50       Two tables - $100          Three tables - $150                Four tables: $200     


Vendors may wish to be located in the special flying areas (3D, Micro, F3P, Heli). These areas are closed to spectators, but you'll be very close to the pilots in your specialty area. Same price for tables in these areas. Availability may be limited.


Vendors may sell any merchandise except for food or drink. Merchants are responsible to collect Ohio sales tax on local sales. The sales tax rate in Akron Ohio is 6.75%. Out-of-state businesses: visit Ohio's web site for more information on registration:



Please use the “Vendor Registration Form” available on our website.

You may also email us to obtain the form or ask any questions:

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 If you're interested in being a sponsor or vendor at this event, please refer to these documents.  Space is limited, please register early!   You may register on-line using the Paypal link here.